Things to pack for Goa trip

Planning a Goa trip is among the best vacations that you one can imagine to have but this beachy experience is not like every other trip to the various places that you might have vacationed in earlier. You have to be ready for the different weather conditions and the different activities that this place has to offer. That is why it is highly important to understand the list of things to carry while travelling to Goa, to make it a smooth experience.

We have provided a small list of all the items you will need for your Goa trip to ease out the complex situation of what you should carry and what you shouldn’t while travelling to this magical place  

Things to Carry While Travelling to Goa

1. Swimsuit

Swimsuits are mandatory item for travelling to Goa, you can choose to carry more than one piece of the swimwear and it is best to go crazy designs, colours and trendy styles. Goa is all about beaches and sea. You will be spending more time by the sea than anywhere else.


2. The Right Footwear

When Talking of the beachy places, Carrying the right footwear is a must. Make sure you pack crocs or floaters which act perfectly when walking along the seashore when travelling to Goa . Take pair of formal shoes with you to make sure that you get the entry in the fancy nightclubs of the place.


3. Shorts and Pieces of Cottonwear

The appropriate clothing selection is crucial if you want your Goa trip to be enjoyable and memorable. Simple chinos or linen trousers and shirts are among the possible options for men’s clothes. In essence, cotton and shorts should be chosen over other materials. For women, the list of necessities includes cotton dresses, tank tops, spaghetti strap tops, and cotton shorts because they are more girly and charming.


4. Sunscreens 

Although Goa is a sight for sore eyes and drenched in dampness, it may really be extremely painful on the skin. As a result, when it comes to the necessities that must be brought on a trip, sunscreen is among the most important.


5. Sunglasses and shades

Sunglasses are the second-most crucial item in your suitcase when coming to Goa because they are second only to skin protection in terms of eye protection.

You must be well-equipped to deal with such excesses because the harsh sun rays of the coastal areas perform their work well. The sunglasses also provide the added bonus of hiding hangover eyes.


6. Hats/Caps

Another chic approach to protect oneself from the intense sun while yet looking chic is to bring your favourite straw hat to Goa. In the sweltering temperatures of Goa, these hats are thought to protect your face and neck from getting a sunburn.


7. Camera for the Photo Lovers

Without the proper tools to record the event for later enjoyment, such as a camera, a trip to a location as breathtakingly lovely as Goa would be incomplete. A trip to Goa, like many other unforgettable vacations, necessitates keeping your camera close by for the ideal moment to be taken in the ideal light.


8. First Aid Kit 

Goa comes alive at night, but since not everything there is open around-the-clock, it is wise to have your mandates with you when you go on your late-night escapades.

A first aid kit is therefore essential to have with you. This kit should ideally include the essential medications for headaches, colds, tummy troubles, antiseptics, and—perhaps more importantly—OTC hangover medications as Goa is where they are most useful.


9. Power Banks

If going without a phone seems absurd, then the same can be said for travelling without power banks. Travelling without power banks would mean having to put up with a dead phone if the proper charging stations weren’t available, whether you were going to Goa or the Himalayas. Power banks are the actual requirements when it comes to travelling to any destination.


10. Backpacks

The ideal choice for luggage while travelling to a country like Goa is a large, comfortable tote or backpack. These totes can be made of canvas or any other lightweight material that is portable for a day at the beach. Since there is a potential that they will become ruined in the extreme heat and weather, it is ideal if these bags are not pricey. This bag, which is really basic, is necessary to make your other necessities portable.


You can travel to Goa with the absolute minimum of fuss if you follow the recommendations. The aforementioned list of items to pack for a trip to Goa will undoubtedly serve as your packing list for all of your necessities. If you have visited the location and believe there are more suggestions to the list above. Please share your thoughts and recommendations with us in the space below.


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